Practice Makes Perfect


Over the past month I've been trying to network in order to get my work out there and promote my talent. Recently I joined an on-line group of creatives that consist of photographers, models (both amateur and seasoned professionals), make up artist (MUA), and stylist. In this group, we post requests to collaborate with others and create photo shoots. There's no money involved though. Just the exchange of images so that we can all show off our talents in our respective industries. Being such a newbie to this group, I decided to put myself out there and advertised for a  "model and MUA call". Although I had a few inquiries, one person stood out. Her name is Shanice and she's both a model and an MUA. I also had another inquire named Monica but she had to withdraw from the photo shoot because of a family emergency that he needed to tend to. So it was just Shanice and I collaborating anything from outfits to make up. I even had my buddy, Tyson, meet up at one of our locations so he could practice some video filming. 


The photo shoot started in my studio with headshots of Shanice. This was a great way for photographer and model to get acquainted. My goal was to practice my head shots skills applying various exercises that I learned from famous New York headshot photographer, Peter Hurley. We chatted up a storm during this part of the photo shoot. I taught her how to identify her good side of her face, understanding light, and how to create various expressions. This was great for both of us to practice what we love to do. 

After 30 minutes of in-studio headshots, we packed up my SUV and headed out to various locations in the Dallas Design District. I had the opportunity to use my new OCF (Off Camera Flash) kit called the Flashpoint (Godox) AD600 Pro. Its an updated version of their original AD600 with improved features. I really pushed the limits of this flash in broad daylight with the sun shining down really strong and it kept its charge throughout our two hour session. In addition, my buddy, Tyson, met up with us so he could practice on the video features of his Sony A6500.

Looking back at this photo shoot, I felt we were all practicing our craft. Shanice practiced her modeling skills. Tyson practiced his video skills. And I practice my photography skills, particularly using my new flash kit in TTL mode on a bright, sunny day. 

If you're interested in collaborating with me whether you're a photographer, make up artist, stylist, or model, contact me. Networking in this industry is key to perfecting your passion.