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Above: Headshot session in Dr. Taylor's office. Frisco, TX

Above: Headshot session in Dr. Taylor's office. Frisco, TX

Sometimes in life we meet people for a reason. 12 years ago I met my friend, Dr. Mark Taylor. At the time he was working for a chiropractic clinic in Plano, TX. I was in a lot of back pain from playing volleyball and was not pleased with the other chiropractors that I interviewed so I gave this doctor a try. A graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic, he later opened his own practice in Frisco, TX back in 2008. Since then he's has been ranked by the Consumer Council of America as one of America's Top Chiropractors for many years. He also receive the peer-nominated Pinnacle Award for Top Twenty Five Chiropractors of America in both 2015 and 2016. Check out his new website at

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Luckily he was able to treat my back injury and since the first time we met back in 2007, we've grown to be good friends. For myself coming from a family of five older sisters, he's like the brother that I've always wanted. My brother from another mother. I've learned to confide in him and he was one of the few people that was a phone call away when I lost my dad back in August of 2014 and mom in May 2015. I always joked with him about "when I get old, you're the one who will continue to treat me until I leave this life". Knowing Dr. Taylor, he'll keep that promise.

I was fortunate to photograph my brother in his office because he needed updated images for his new website. I talked to him and his fiance', Briana, about why Dr. Taylor's face is the brand of his business. Like any business, your face is your brand and no matter how much some of us don't like to take pictures of ourselves, we need to be vulnerable to step out of our comfort zone in order to grow the business. Dr. Taylor has a variety of head shot images that he could use to promote his business such as collateral print materials to medical conferences.

The photo shoot went very smoothly and I had the opportunity to teach Dr. Taylor various posing techniques in taking a good head shot. When we think of the word "pose" we immediately think of our body in a certain position. But most importantly we need to learn how to pose our face. What expression do we want to create? What facial message do we want our customers to see when they put the name to the face? Is it a warm and inviting expression? Or Its up to you to create that with the help of your photographer. These are important aspects of how we use our face as our brand to our advantage. As the head shot session went on, Dr. Taylor started to relax and get into it more- thanks to Briana. He eventually saw the progression of how his head shots were getting better and better which made my job so much easier. I'm extremely proud of Dr. Taylor's achievements and look forward to the next chapter in his life- the birth of his son in April of 2018. 

If you and your staff are in need of high quality headshots to update your business website to printed collateral materials, we can definitely come to your office and set up our lighting system that will make your images look high quality and professional. Contact us, we're here to help.