The camera owner vs the photographer

Ever since the technology of digital photography became more commercialized, it seems like everyone is a photographer. You have companies like Canon creating some cameras that are consumer based using their amazing digic 4 image processor for many of their consumer based cameras, Apple iPhones that can take amazing photos, and software like Adobe Photoshop Elements that can filter your photos to make them look like a pro took them. The public now has access to all of these and many of them are taking their own photography trying to sell their services because what they shoot look like what the pros photograph - well, not really. Many people today photograph using the 'auto' mode or pre-sets on their cameras not wanting to use things like shutter priority, aperture priority,  or concepts like depth-of-field or using the rule of thirds. 

It takes years to develop photography skills and knowledge of how to use light to create amazing photographs. I see many people advertise online like Craigslist or Facebook that provide the 'shoot and burn' service- they shoot the photos and burn them to CD then you purchase that. Or the ones who provide the photo prints on inexpensive photo paper that's printed on their inexpensive inkjet.


Then you have the photographers who are artists. Those who understand aperture and how to use light to create amazing photos. Many of these artist would use software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to make minor adjustments but they rarely use it over excessively. These artists also combine their talents with great marketing like amazing websites that not only show off their work but also create strong SEO (Site Engine Optimization) so that their website ranks high in a Google search. These artists also provide a great service for their clients in which they get to know their subject, their personality, provide pre and post session consultation to review their photos, and to achieve an overall professional service. These are the real photographers in which you pay for what they're worth.

I truly believe that you get what you pay for. At AfallaStudios, we provide an experience like no other. We provide all the necessary steps to achieve a positive experience. Let's face it, many of us are shy to be in front of the camera but wouldn't it be much easier to feel relaxed and know that the person behind the camera will provide an outstanding product in the end?

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