Firefly your closet the next time you're in Frisco.

A long time friend of mine, Julie, along with her husband, opened a really cute boutique in Frisco. Its called Firefly Boutique and I had the opportunity to both visit with an old friend as well as take some photos of some products that her store sells. They have Jewelry, Hand Bags, Scarves, Blingy Sunglasses, Lazy One Sleepwear, Natural Life Sleepwear, Mud Pie Sleepwear, PooPourri, VOLUSPA, Texas Cowgirl Bath Products, WINOS Wine Glasses, Wine Stoppers, Blown Glass Figurines, and more Jewelry. Many products are rare items. I particularly like the handmade jewelry and the collection of crucifixes on one of the display walls.

Check out their Facebook page at and like their page. Julie is constantly stocking her shelves with some amazing products for everyone. I encourage everyone to stop by and check out this amazing store.


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