How to prepare for the makeup chair with Michael Greene

Michael Greene, makeup extraordinaire is our premier go-to guy for makeup. His expertise in the makeup industry has graced many fashion runways and photo sessions throughout the midwest. Michael is a formally trained makeup artist through MAC Cosmetics- one of the industry leaders in cosmetics and most popular among teenagers today. For Michael, being a makeup artist, or MUA as we call is in our industry, is very rewarding. We are very fortunate to have Michael as part of our staff to make you beautiful for the camera. Makeup is the key element in achieving the best senior portraits for your investment.

Makeup extraordinaire, Michael Greene, posing for the camera.

Makeup extraordinaire, Michael Greene, posing for the camera.

Below are some helpful hints to prepare for your makeup session with Michael. Keep in mind that not all of our session packages include this service. Contact us to book your session and experience the transformation from the makeup extraordinaire, Michael Greene.

What should our seniors do to prepare for their makeup session?

When preparing for a photo session, never tan or spray tan the week of the shoot. Always wash your face and come to your appointment with clean, fresh skin, unless otherwise told by the artist to come "foundation ready" (which means to wear your normal foundation only.) Also, drink lots of water to hydrate your skin and maintain the overall health of your skin.

How important is it to get enough rest the night before their senior photo session?

One should always come to the makeup appointment well rested, so get some good rest a couple days prior or at least the night before. Remember, it's always more difficult to correct puffiness, red, swollen or darkness under the eyes. Plenty of rest also allows for better responsiveness to the camera and direction given.

What makeup line does Michael use on our seniors?

Michael almost always exclusively use MAC Cosmetics.  There are a few others that he incorporates, after 19 years, he finds that not just one line has everything that a good makeup artist (MUA) needs.

If you're a high school senior looking to book your senior portraits with us, consider The Attitude Portrait Session which has hair and makeup included. Its an must have when you're investing in your senior portraits. Michael is well sought in the beauty industry and its a privilege to have him working with our seniors this year. Contact us TODAY and book your portrait session.

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