An old friend treats himself to a photo shoot

Above: My buddy, John, enjoying his time in front of our camera lens.

A while back I reached out to my friend John V. and asked if he's ever interested in having me photograph him. Unfortunately, I didn't know he had moved to New Orleans, Louisiana so I had to wait until he was back in Dallas for business. John and I go way back- almost 12 years! We met while playing volleyball on a local adult volleyball league.

I had a great time photographing John at a local park in my neighborhood. The weather was cloudy but we still had some great diffused natural light. To end the photo shoot, we went back to my studio and did a few head shots before wrapping things up. I was inspired by famous head shot photographer expert, Peter Hurley. Hurley's style and technique is all about capturing the pure essence of the person's soul through their eyes. I used one soft box light and a Westcott Eyelighter reflector that helped direct light under his chin. John was so happy to see how the head shot images turned out that he immediately chose the one that you see in middle of this collage. Raised in Houston, John works in marketing and enjoys spending his time with his partner and two adorable French bulldogs, Louie and Ella.  

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