The Gianulis Family . . . lifelong friends.

Above: The Gianulis Family

The Gianulis Family . . . Lifelong Friends

Over a decade ago, I had the privilege and honor to choreograph and coach/train this young lady, Lisa Gianulis (maiden name: Nesuda), to a junior ladies silver medal at the 2000 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships held in Cleveland, Ohio. For Lisa, it was one of the untold "comeback" stories of a skater who at the intermediate and novice level was an up and coming talent, faced obstacles, and made a big comeback to be part of Team USA for a second time. For myself, it was the peak of my coaching career that challenged me as an artist and to know that my talent as a coach was finally being recognized in the sport. 

Today, Lisa is now happily married to an amazing husband, Adam, a mother of a beautiful two year old little girl, Grace, and a baby girl that is in the oven waiting to enter this world. Laura, Lisa's mother, joined us for our family photo shoot at the Dallas Arboretum and we all had a great time walking around creating these beautiful images. Reminiscing of the good times I had with both Lisa and Laura made me appreciate what God has given me throughout my life. 

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