The Will to Make a Change.

Scott Aldridge, getting ready for his workout and to continue his journey of health and fitness.

The power of a Google search engine helped me land a small job photographing for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). My client, Jennifer Rondon from the APTA in Alexandria, Virginia, found AfallaStudios online and I had the honor of photographing their client, Scott Aldridge. At one time, Scott was close to 500 pounds and had a very hard time walking. His weight was threatening his life and he decided to make a change by having gastric bypass surgery to kick start the weight loss process. His physical therapy included exercise and today he's a "beast" at his local crossfit gym called CrossFit Rowlett in Rowlett, Texas. 

This was the first time Scott experienced an actual photo shoot. To ease his mind, I contacted him by phone days before his session. I explained to him my approach and my goal to achieve the best images for the APTA. I wanted to let his perseverance and personality shine through. Scott is a very kind heart gentleman and also a very hard worker when it comes to fitness. After listening to his story and capturing the images on my camera, I knew that I did a great job. Every now and then I would show Scott the back of my camera and made him feel good about what he saw. He was in awe! 

Images of Scott Aldridge. Copyright AfallaStudios 2014

For our PR campaign, we were looking for compelling images of patients whose lives had been transformed by physical therapy. Walter Afalla’s photos captured the essence of our patient - his determination, dignity, and ultimate victory over extremely challenging circumstances. We were amazed by the creativity and quality of Walter’s photographs. Everyone on our staff thought the images were fantastic. I urge any organization or individual to choose AfallaStudios - they will be glad they did.
— Jennifer Rondon, American Physical Therapy Association, Axelandria, VA

It was an honor to capture these images for Jennifer of the APTA. They plan on using them for their website that tells of Scott's journey through his physical therapy and how he's achieved his own goals. Before I ended my photo shoot with Scott, I had asked him what his next physical goal was. He pointed to the rope that hung in front of him and said "I'm going to climb this rope all the way to the top someday- that's my goal." And you know what? I know Scott Aldridge WILL climb that rope.