The difference in print quality between your local drugstore vs a high quality photo print company

The average senior is looking for senior portrait photographers around this time of year and many of them are either looking for ways to save money or just don't know how to go about in hiring a photographer. The one question that I always get asked is "Do you provide all the images on CD?" Here at our studio we do not provide that but we do offer the digital images for purchase. The reason why people ask for the images on CD is mainly to print the images themselves on their ink jet photo printer or take the images down the street to their local drugstore that provide decent quality prints at a low price.

When I first started out doing photography, I had a client that wanted all the images on CD. I thought that's what all photographers do for their clients. Let me remind you that I took over 500 images of her daughter. When she got home, she had no idea which photograph to choose thinking that it would be easy for her to do so. In the end, she called me up and wanted me to pick out which photos are the best of her daughter. She also wanted me to print the images using my professional photo print vendor since her inkjet did not match professional quality prints. From then on I decided not to allow my customers to have all of their images. I like to show them the images at my studio on my 42" inch monitor and also provide them time to 'touch and fee' the print products that I have to offer like large size canvas prints, albums, small framed prints, etc.

When you hire a photographer, you're hiring their creative expertise in making your photos the best ever. Many of them are fully trained and understand how to use light to their advantage. Trust them. They are the visualizers and artist who know what they're doing.

Many photographers, like myself, take pride of their work. They want to provide the best quality images to show them off using the professional photo quality print companies. These companies go out of their way to check the accuracy of the colors as well as color correct any photos that need minor adjustments. They also provide a variety of print sizes from small wallet sizes to large 24" x 36" framed prints.

The one product that many seniors love are the albums. Many of them would have over 500 photos and out of that many, there are a ton of shots that they would use in their albums. They would also purchase that one large print for their bedroom or living room wall. Our photographs aren't just photographs- they're art.

So if you're hiring us to do your portraits, know that we use the best quality photo print services- and not your typical drugstore or homemade inkjet photo prints.

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