The goal of your photographer is to create custom artwork for you and your family to be cherished for years to come. It's my hope that not only will you be delighted with the final product, but you will find the entire process enjoyable from start to finish. At AfallaStudios, its all about the experience - the great photography is just the icing on the cake.

  1. View our gallery of photos to see if you want senior portraits like ours.
  2. View our session prices and select the session that fits you. Keep in mind, we have added services like makeup and hair so read each session package thoroughly. You'll be surprised at what we offer compared to the competition. (Here's a hint: The Attitude Session has your very own professional MAC Cosmetic makeup artist that transforms you like no other.)
  3. Once you make up your mind, go ahead and pay for your portrait session by clicking the Session Prices tab. This is where you pay for your session and fill out an information form. We will contact you within 24-48 hours to confirm your time and date of your portrait session.
  4. The photo session itself will be as relaxed and low-stress as possible. We promise, it will be fun! While we like to use some posing, we also like to capture those less-than-perfect unplanned natural interactions as well. To help you relax, we suggest that you bring a friend, however, it is required that you bring an adult (Mom, older sister, etc.) since you are still considered to be a minor. This is a time for you to tell the photographer what kind of look you're going for- a time to creatively collaborate with your photographer.
  5. After your proofs are ready, we will schedule a Post-Session consultation where you will be meeting your photographer at our studio. During this low-key session, we'll have some refreshments served and you'll relax on our leather couch to view your photos on the large 42" HD display. Your photos will be presented like watching a music video, we'll sort through them using printed proofs on our iPad, and go over all of the beautiful samples that will be available to you.
  6. We offer a wide array of wonderful products to showcase your custom artwork including standard prints, stunning gallery wrapped fine art canvas, modern floating print wraps, storyboard collages, mini brag books, custom designed session albums, and a variety of press-printed cards for every occasion (i.e. graduation announcements, party invites, etc.). We use a professional photo print vendor for all of our professional photo printing. Your order will be hand-delivered in beautiful custom packaging. You'll think that it's Christmas all over again! 

What separates our photo shoots from other photography studios?


So you're at your photo shoot and your mom or friend(s) are there. They'll most likely want to see what the photos are looking like during the portrait session. You're average photographer would show the back of his camera to your guest to view the tiny 3" screen every now and then. We do senior portraits differently.  We'll have an iPad available for your guest to view the photos in real-time via wireless "tether". When the photographer takes a photo, the digital negative is sent wirelessly to  the iPad within seconds! How cool is that? For our studio portrait sessions, the photographer 'tethers' directly to his laptop which is wirelessly connected to the 42" flat screen LED screen. So, the senior and guests can see the digital negatives within seconds on the large display whenever the photographer snaps the camera shutter.

Like we said earlier, WE DO SENIOR PORTRAITS DIFFERENTLY so you get the best shot possible.