What makes our senior portraits look amazing? Makeup application by Michael Greene.

Many of us often wonder how a portrait, especially a senior portrait, can look so amazing. AfallaStudios believe that its the combination between photographer and makeup artist. During the planning stages before the photo shoot, Walter, our lead photographer, coordinates with the client as well as the makeup artist. He takes the time to understand the client’s vision of what they want their portraits to look like. From there, he collaborates with his team which includes the assistant, Amy, and makeup artist, Michael Greene. Michael would study his subjects natural skin color and brings out their important features that will make the image pop off the page. From looking at the colors and style of what the client will be wearing to what color eye shadow would compliment the entire look, Michael is a professional at what he does. And he does it well. A trained MAC Cosmetic makeup artist, Michael has over 10 years of experience and understands how to make our clients look good- actually he makes them look and feel GREAT!

During the makeup application process, Michael explains to you how he applies the makeup and encourages you to try some of his techniques yourself. Once the makeup is applied, our clients usually would think that they have too much makeup. Keep in mind that the makeup application is not the amount that is used for everyday wear. This type of makeup application is for the camera  and he understands who colors work when we photograph our clients. So, don’t be surprised that the makeup might seem a lot on your face than normal. Its for the camera and the images that we are trying to create. This also helps the photographer cut time on post editing like skin discoloration to acne and pimples.

The one thing that we’ve noticed with our clients after their first makeup application is that they always say “WOW!” and then something comes over them. They suddenly feel amazing and beautiful. Remember, every girl is beautiful both inside and out.

Makeup is extremely important for our photo shoots, however, its how you apply the makeup that makes a big difference. Often times we see some amazing senior portraits that look good but there’s usually that one element that is missing- how the model applied their makeup. Some photographers would rely on their clients to do their own makeup not realizing that sometimes these clients don’t know how to apply it for a photo shoot. AfallaStuidos encourages all of their clients to include makeup in their portrait sessions. Our top of the line package called The Attitude Portrait Session has makeup application included. In fact, we bring our makeup artist on location for any touch-ups throughout your session. He also builds on each look making subtle changes so that your images wouldn’t look all the same. Treat yourself to feeling beautiful both inside and out with the help of Michael Greene- makeup extraordinaire’.

Michael is not only available to do makeup for our high school seniors but he also does brides, engagements, special family events, etc. Check out his Facebook page and give him a 'like' at https://www.facebook.com/mvangreene. You can contact him there for all your makeup needs or contact him at michael@mvangreene.com.