Walter creates his successful headshots both in-studio as well as location. Having your images created in-studio gives you the opportunity to view the images on his computer monitor while its being shot. The session is a learning process where he uses a conversation to allow your facial expression to change throughout the session.

As the shoot progresses, your photographer searches for what is commonly called a person’s “best side.” He will ask clients to angle their heads slightly one way, then the other. Finding a person’s most attractive angles is a skill your photographer has developed over the years. Even the very slightest rotations of the face can make a huge difference in the image. It requires a trained eye, some patience and the open dialogue you have with your photographer.

A "protege" member of The Headshot Crew under world famous professional headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, Walter is constantly growing to provide Dallas' best headshots for actors, dancers, and corporate business people of all backgrounds.