Its Never Too Late To Reinvent Yourself

Above: Testing out the new in-studio setup.

For the past year and a half we've been contemplating on taking a different approach to our business. Yes, there are tons of other photographers out there that are doing the same thing as us but we really had to think about how we could separate myself from everyone else. The old AfallaStudios had too much content and way too many directions that it could go. Aside from senior portraits, we had graphic design, weddings, aerial imaging, families, etc. We had to look at what we do best and that was portraiture photography. But aside from high school senior portraits, we had to really look at the market and realized that headshot photography is something to offer. So we did away with all of the other services and decided to focus on just headshots and senior portraits. Now don't think that we're rejecting anyone who needs other types of photography such as families, landscape, weddings, engagements, aerial, or editorial. We still provide other kinds of photography but we're only going to make our focus about headshots first and then high school seniors. 

Why headshots?

Above: Walter Afalla, lead photographer.

Above: Walter Afalla, lead photographer.

For one thing, everyone needs a nice headshot but there's a way to do them. Its not like taking a selfie or just snapping a photo. There's some psychology behind it. Your face is YOUR brand! And a headshot is usually the first way to connect the face with the name.

Our proecess is a simple conversation between photographer and client. The photographer's job is to get the right expression out of his client. Its a lot of experimenting of how one can use their face to express a certain emotion.

Headshots are useful in many different way. People need them for theirLinkedIn profiles when we're job searching. Dancers need them to add to their application when auditioning for a dance group like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Maverick Dancers, or the Allen American Ice Angels. Employers need them for their company website. Entrepreneurs need them for their business marketing materials. The list goes on. 

One price . . . amazing results!

Having way too many selections only confuses people. We want the process to be simple and straightforward BUT with amazing result. Our job is to make YOU look good. Better yet...our job is to make you look GREAT! So the approach to one price makes it simple for the customer. And best of all, its one AFFORDABLE price. If there's a need for more added to the package, we can provide that too. 

We encourage you to set up a session with us. Contact Walter to book your headshot session or any other photography service you may need.