AfallaStudios is proud to announce several great strides in our photography studio to give you more BANG for your BUCK! You'll notice that we have a new and improved website layout that is easy to read and understand. Read our latest developments.

No Session Fees!

In the past we were charging our clients both a session fee that covered time with photographer AND print collection prices. This year, we are providing one price that covers both "time with photographer" to take the photos AND print products. All you need to do is meet the minimum order. So, if you ordered the "You Better WERQ!" session which is $399, you come to our studio to order your prints that adds up to $399. If you want to order more prints, you're more than welcome to do so- just as long as you meet your minimum order of $399. The possibilities are endless!

New Session Prices

AfallaStudios got away from the complexity of our previous packages and made it simple. We also trimmed the time that it takes for our photo shoots and go for a variety of shots compared to quantity of shots. Our prices are still competitive though and you don't have to pay a session fee.

Printed Proof Books

When you hire a photographer, you're hiring them for their expertise and artistic eye to create amazing images for print. And most of all, you hire a professional photographer so that you can invest in high quality prints for your home. Digital images are cool too for online viewing and you're objective is ordering great printed images. So, we decided to provide you a PROOF BOOK that shows your best photos in print form. When you purchase your session, you get to choose a certain amount of photos for that session. For example, if you purchased the "Pick and Choose" session, which is for $199, you come back to our studio with your proof book and would have chosen 10 photos marked in your proof book. Then you choose what prints you want to order that would add up to your minimum order of $199. You won't be able to keep the proof book because we'll need it to follow your order BUT in the end, you'll be getting beautiful prints once you receive your order.

New Website

We wanted to 'dummy' down the content so that its easy for you to follow. Many customers don't want to read all that copy and most want to know how to book their photo shoot. We made a simple three step process and know that it'll be a success for all of our customers.

In the coming weeks we'll be promoting free added products if you book your session early so watch for those deals coming your way. We look forward to book your session and give you a positive experience with amazingly beautiful print products.