Spending Sunday with an Old Friend and a New Friend

Sometimes in life we meet people that come and go- like the ebb and flow of the tied. This is how its been with my friend, Jonathan Harris. I first met Jonny when he was a young ice dancer skating in the lower divisions and gradually moved his way up in the sport with various skating partners. He's a nomad like every other male ice dancer who would migrate across the United States to find the right ice dance partner. When he moved to Colorado Springs, he met Moriah, the love of his life. And life hasn't been the same ever since. Like Jonny, Moriah was also a competitive ice dancer. Both skaters were national and international caliber athletes as well as national gold medalist with former partners. But through the many trials and tribulations of finding the right skating partner, what they found were each other and the rest is history. 

Stealing a kiss underneath a tree. I wanted to focus on the cool details of Jonathan's soles and was very successful at capturing this amazing moment.

Jonathan keeping cool and looking cool for the camera.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to run into Moriah at my rink not remembering that she's now Mrs. Harris. I had to take her head shot photo for our rink's coaches credential wall and told her, "I'm going to send you a gift certificate because I'd like to photograph both her and Jonny to help build my portfolio of couple or engagement photos". She was excited and couldn't wait to tell her newlywed husband when she got home that afternoon. 

I envisioned this in my mind while driving to the Dallas Arboretum and was happy with the results. Moriah looks absolutely sunning in this coral coloured dress. I call this portrait "The City Girl and the Country Boy".

Working with ice dancers is easy to photograph. They take direction so well AND are so creative in creating a great photograph with me.

We met at the Dallas Arboretum, I brought them in as my guest, and walked around this beautiful place of God's creation. We found some nooks and crannies, trying to keep cool at the same time, having fun. Luckily the weather was over casted which filtered the bright sunlight- a photographer's perfect light source. Throughout the day we talked about everything, from catching up on each others lives to how they met in life. By the end of the photo shoot, I knew I captured some beautiful moments that these two will cherish for a lifetime. To them, it didn't seem like a difficult thing in taking photos. My style is based on a lot of interacting with me and with each other. There was a lot of action and reaction so that I could capture their natural facial expressions. I guess I had the perfect subjects to photograph because figure skaters can take direction very easily. All in all, it was a great day.

Like the ebb and flow of the tied, I've reconnected with Jonny again but on a more mature level. In addition, I've gained a new friendship in Moriah and I almost feel like they're my hanai (that's how we say 'adopted' in Hawaiian) grown up adopted children. The connection that we had is hard to describe, however, I believe that God had created this moment for all of us. At the end of the day, we're all His children, interconnected through relationships that come and go like the ebb and flow of the tide. I think this time, the tied will stay around in my life for a long time.

I was captured by the shoes Moriah wore, especially the gold tones in the heels. Great photo using reflection from the pond.

A study in black and white, I wanted to capture a natural moment between the two.

Thank you, Jonathan and Moriah, for a great time. I look forward to capturing more of you both as well as your kids someday. God bless you both.

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