Finally received my new xCam Sabre and it was damaged.

A few weeks ago I was researching several compact mini stabilizers so I could start doing some video production. I purchased my item a website called which sold this particular item called the xCam Sabre. Youtube had tons of great reviews and I was immediately sold. When I receive it this morning via DHL (from China), I opened the well taped box and noticed that there was no padding around the product to protect it from its parcel commute. All it had was its nylon carrying case which was padded BUT not enough to fully protect the device. When I mounted my Sony NEX6 mirror less camera on it, balanced it perfectly, then grabbed the handle one more time and when I lifted it, the neck of the device fell out of the handle. You'll see some photos where it looked like there was some kind of pressure on the product and it had a washer that was smashed. 

Washer looks smashed and lost its grip to hold onto the handle.

Why did this have to happen to me? 

I really like this product. Its very well made and its very heavy duty to hold a Canon 5D Mark III. I contacted the distributor and he said that he'll contact the manufacturer. I'm hoping they just send me a new one and I'll send them the broken one.

The inside of the handle where it broke off.

If any of you have this product, let me know if you like it or not. Or if you have any issues. I just wish this didn't have to break. 

- Walt