Preparing for your senior photo session-what to wear and how to prepare.

Unlike the average photo that you take for your school year book, you want to be prepared as you can for your senior photos. In some cases, they will be documented in your final high school year book and exchanged with friends and peers for remembrance. They also serve as a reflection of who you were in the moments you prepared yourself to end one meaningful chapter in your life and embark into your new chapter, adulthood.

Below are a list of instructions on how to prepare yourself for your senior photo session.

  1. Select two to three outfits, or dress in layers to change up your look throughout the shoot. Go for one casual and one dress that is definitely "YOU" which says something about your personality. Choose suitable jewelry, accessories, socks, stocking, shoes and underwear for each. Avoid bright colours and busy patterns- these can be a distraction in photos along with sleeveless tops, which can make your arms look big. Iron in advance, bring all attire on hangers and bring an iron for emergency touch-ups.
  2. Choose props like fresh-cut flowers, stuffed animals, musical instruments, skateboards, or other hobby related equipment. You can even put your friend or pet in the photo if you want.
  3. Plan your hairstyle or haircut and schedule a hair appointment a week before the shoot. Being photographed too soon after getting a fresh style can prevent you from looking like yourself. Or you can contact us to refer you to a hair and make-up artist that we use for our photo shoots.
  4. If you want to wear glasses, wear glasses that don't have lenses in them or borrow a pair of similar frames without lenses. Even glare-resistant lenses light, and removing distortions is costly when possible at all.
  5. Don't be afraid to brainstorm with your photographer regarding locations. Choose places that better defines YOU and your personality.
  6. Perfect your face. Ladies- wear make-up, even if you don't usually. Keep coverage natural, decide your look before the day of your shoot, and bring make-up along for touch-ups. A great idea is visit your local make-up counter and get ideas from make-up artists. Have them teach you the tricks to bring out your best features like your eyes, cheek bones, etc. Stay away from blinging your face with glitter- which may show up as white spots- and SPF products, which can make your skin look shiny. Guys- you should also consider wearing powder to keep your skin from looking shiny. Give yourself a clean shave, neatly trim any facial hair or bring a razor to shave before formal pictures if you want facial hair in the others.
  7. Have a manicure on the day of or before your photo shoot. Chipped polish will show up in your photos, so clear polish or French manicures are ideal.
  8. Avoid over-exposure to the sun. Redness can be difficult and expensive to retouch when the photographer does post-production on your photos.
  9. Get everything together no later than the day before your photo shoot. Plan a music plaits to set the mood for a fun shoot, and invite a friend or two to join you at your shoot. We have a bluetooth wireless speaker that can link up to your iPod or iPhone so you can listen to the music that gets you in that move in front of the camera.
  10. Last but not least, get a good nights' sleep for at least the two days before your shoot to look well-rested and stress-free in your photos. Having bags under your eyes can be expensive to touch up.

Your photo shoot is a resemblance of you. Think about what makes you "YOU", and how you want to be remembered by the friends you're leaving behind. Look at senior portraits from previous years- of older friends or in your photographer's portfolio for ideas and inspiration to personalize your shoot. Make your photos look different from everyone else. Remember, there are plenty of photographers that take the same type of photos just because they own a DSLR camera. Your photographer is the pro and he'll know the type of lighting that you'll need to create that magic photo. When you get your photos, make your friends ENVIOUS of you and don't be afraid to send them to AfallaStudios if they want to make their friends envious of their photos. Its not common when a senior retakes their photos by a more experienced photographer.