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My years in the graphic design business, coupled with a never-ending zeal for photography provide a unique perspective on serving clients and creating images that tell stories, capture personalities, depict events and stir memories and emotions. 

My style of photography is all about the experience and to capture the most natural look of my client. I'm not a picture taker- I'm an artist. I create art in my photography and pay attention to detail.

I have worked with clients throughout Texas, Hawaii, Montana, and Washington State. My photographs have been published in corporate brochures, public involvement print materials, and have won several awards for beauty pageants 'best photogenic' awards. Originally from the Hawaiian Islands, I'm proud to have a degree in graphic design and photography (The Art Institute of Seattle) which has given me an edge of confidence in today's digital world. And now I'm putting myself out there to create my own business.

I am proud that most of my clients have come to me through word-of-mouth and return to use my photography services multiple times. I believe clients are a privilege, not a right. I treat every client with respect, dignity and professionalism and work to provide personal service and value to every client. 

God bless.

- Walter Afalla | Professional Photographer | AfallaStudios


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